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About KMS in detail

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KMS wants to serve Christians. KMS seeks to extend relationships between Christians. KMS aims for a spiritual revival in the Czech Republic.

In brief

KMS connects Christians from a number of denominational and non-denominational fellowships. KMS desires to extend cooperation among Christians, coordinate various Christian activities, and participate in the spiritual revival in the Czech Republic. KMS directly supports the spreading of the Gospel in the Czech Republic by organizing activities such as public preaching, seminars, conferences, and various workshops. Although KMS supports the Christian mission abroad through its Mission Endowment Fund, it believes that the missionary work is primarily the responsibility of the local churches. KMS associates Christians who honour the Bible as the word of God and chose to practise it in their lives.

In particular, KMS

  • coordinates the March for Jesus, the National Christian Conference, and larger crusades,
  • coordinates various prayer projects,
  • issues the Faith Life magazine and its quarterly supplement for teenagers styled Fully,
  • coordinates a new translation of the Bible into modern Czech through its Bible Translation Endowment Fund,
  • spreads Christian books, audio and video recordings, and multifarious materials through its Publishing House, and
  • maintains contacts with, and mediates communication among, Christian organizations and churches abroad.

KMS has been registered under its name Christian Mission Society since 1990 and has been a member of the Czech Evangelical Alliance since 1993. KMS receives finance through free-will donations.

You can find more information below.

In detail

Introduction Beginnings New Bible translation
Calling Activities Broader perspective
Structure Publishing house Overview

KMS - The Christian Mission Society

Shortly before the November 1989 "Velvet Revolution", leaders from various congregations decided to establish an cross-denominational organisation whose primary objectives would be to coordinate Christian activities. On 6th December 1989, the leaders held a constitutive meeting and registered the organisation in 1990 as Krestanska misijni spolecnost (KMS - Christian Mission Society).

KMS brings together Christians from several denominations and independent congregations. Though the Roman Catholic Church left KMS' leadership shortly after KMS' establishment, KMS has managed to stay in touch and include the Roman Catholic members in KMS' work.

KMS presently comprises 51 predominantly evangelical congregations (Apostolic Church, Baptist Church, Christian Fellowships, Free Evangelical Church, Methodist Church, Moravian Church, Reformed Church, and Salvation Army), several Christian organisations (ACET, Misijni spolecnost Zivot [Life Ministries], Samuel [Bible work for children], SKM [Student Christian Mission], YWAM [Youth With a Mission]), and a number of individuals from other non-associated congregations. KMS membership is voluntary. KMS receives finances by means of donations. KMS has been a member of the Czech Evangelical Alliance since 1993.

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To be a platform for enhancing relationships among Christian congregations and believers. To build up the Church.
To spread the Good News.
To educate and encourage Christians for missionary work.
To join Christians who honour the Bible as God's Word.
To encourage individuals and congregations in their emphasis on being born-again and on living according to the Word of God.

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The General Council of KMS (the Council) appoints three to five members of the Executive Committee (the Committee) who coordinate KMS' activities. The Council, comprising delegates from all member churches, oversees KMS' activities and makes important decisions at its meetings. The Committee or the executive secretary carries out these decisions.

The Committee members are:

  • Jaroslav Selong, chairman (pastor of the Agape Fellowship of the Apostolic Church in Cesky Tesin),
  • Petr Simmer (pastor of the fellowship of Evangelical Free Church in Litvinov),
  • Lubomir Ondracek (senior pastor of the church of Christian Fellowship in Praha).

The executive secretary is Lubomir Ondracek, public relations manager and editor-in-chief of Zivot viry is Tomas Dittrich (elder of the church of Christian Fellowship in Praha).

KMS has currently seven employees: the executive secretary, the editor-in-chief of Zivot viry (Faith Live) magazine, one editor, one technical editor, one bookkeeper, and two administrative employees responsible for the distribution of the magazine. KMS also engages volunteers.

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In 1990 and 1991, KMS organised preaching and healing meetings with Steve Ryder and Mahesh Chavda. Thousands of people from all corners of the former Czechoslovakia heard the Biblical message of God's love and hundreds of them were healed. Many instances of healing were confirmed half a year later. Despite the success, KMS decided not to organise such meeting so often in the future. KMS is of the view that God will perform this work through local churches.

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KMS currently organises the Annual National Christian Conference and multifarious seminars on real-life issues. KMS invites mainly local speakers but also invites speakers from abroad.

Since 1992, KMS has coordinated the annual Marches for Jesus in various Czech towns.

In 1993, KMS took part in coordinating PRO CHRIST '93, one of the largest events ever. Billy Graham, the renowned American Baptist preacher, addressed by satellite hundreds of cities across Europe. In four days, he presented the Gospel to some 7.2 million people.
In 1995, KMS took part in coordinating a further satellite evangelism effort, accompanied by a satellite conference of Christian workers - Global Mission with Billy Graham '95.

KMS mediates the involvement of various churches in the European Prayer Link, which is a broad interdenominational platform for a number of Christian prayer activities, and a part of the AD 2000 and Beyond.

KMS involves more than 60 congregations and fellowships in the Czech Republic's Prayer and Fasting Guard, and organizes prayer conferences and prayer meetings for members of the Czech Parliament.

Since 1997, KMS has coordinated Alpha courses in the Czech Republic, one of the most successful missionary activities so far.

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Since 1990, KMS has been publishing a monthly styled Zivot viry (Faith Life), one of the most widely-read Christian magazines in the country. It is believed that almost 3,000 copies of the magazine circulate among 9,000 readers, hundreds of which are in Slovakia. Zivot viry is a unique medium as it provides for a dialogue between Christians from various backgrounds. Every quarter, KMS issues a supplement for teenagers Naplno (Fully).

KMS also publishes books, mainly through its Publishing House, on missions, Bible studies, real life stories as well as fiction, written in Czech (Dan Drapal, Dana Ditrichova, Karel Rezabek, Jiri Dohnal, Vilem Schneeberger, Vladimir Vacha and others) or translated from other languages (Kay Arthur, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Nicky Gumbel and others). Some titles have reached the secular book market (Bruce Olson: Bruchko, Corrrie ten Boom: The Hiding Place, V. Schneeberger: God likes gladsome people).

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KMS has been supervising and coordinating a new Czech Study Translation of the Bible. The KMS translation of the New Testament came out in September 1994. So far as many as 12,000 copies have been sold. Pundits classify the translation as an outstanding achievement. In autumn 2000, KMS released a second, revised edition of the New Testament in a pocket format. In comparison with the first edition, this one has more detailed study notes. The latest edition appeared in 2007.

On 26 November 1994, KMS' Council decided to coordinate also a new translation of the Old Testament. The work is scheduled to end in summer 2009. To this end, KMS founded a Bible Translation Endowment Fund. The books of Proverbs, Jeremiah, and Daniel have been published for demonstration purposes.

KMS has registered a growing desire among Christians in the Czech Republic to participate in missions. For that reason, the Council has decided to establish a Mission Endowment Fund.

You can find more information about the Translation Endowment Fund at, or about the Mission Endowment Fund at Na Zertvach 23,180 00 Praha 8, phone 284 822 297, e-mail:

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KMS believes that there is only one Church and that despite negative experiences from the past, individual believers and congregations from various denominations can work closely together.

KMS has sought to serve in areas where the ecumenical movement cannot reach. The ecumenical movement focuses on important interdenominational work at an official level, but it often has not resulted in practical steps. KMS complements the ecumenical movement by its emphasis on contacts between Christians and on cooperation in specific undertakings.

KMS declines to foster minor theological differences that have served to create divisions and led to disputes. Instead, KMS upholds the central Christian message: the redemptive death of Jesus Christ and His resurrection from the dead. Although individual denominations may maintain distinctive views on details, all KMS member congregations and individuals are in accord with this central message and with the fact that one's Christian life begins with personal repentance and acceptance of God's forgiveness.

If the Biblical message of God's love is to reach all nations, the actual unity of the Church, and not just a formal or institutional unity, is the prerequisite. Shortly before they crucified Jesus, He prophesied in a prayer that if his followers are one, the world will know that God had truly sent Him. Given the divisions of the Church in our nation today, it is no wonder that there are so many unbelievers. KMS is convinced that the situation will change, and offers the Church in our country assistance.

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Unity and cooperation of Christians from various churches

  • Annual National Christian Conference
  • Workshops (Alpha courses)
  • March for Jesus
  • Mass evangelism (Billy Graham, Carlos Jimenez Ministries)
  • Vinesong performance tours

Prayer coordination

  • Prayer conferences ("Mokon")
  • Prayer and Fasting Guard
  • Telephone prayer chain
  • Mobilisation for one-shot prayer undertakings
  • Prayers for the Czech Parliament
  • Coordination of the annual "30 days of prayers for Muslims"

Mission Endowment Fund

  • Sending missionaries and their support
  • Short-term mission trips
  • Humanitarian help
  • Social work

Bible Translation Endowment Fund

  • Coordination of a new Czech Bible translation
  • The Old Testament translation projects

Contacts abroad

  • Visits of renowned European preachers
  • European Prayer Link (AD 2000 and Beyond)
  • Mission organizations AIMS and INTERSERVE

Petitions and educational activities

  • Leaflet "Virginity or Condom-mania"
  • Public KMS proclamation
  • Protests at embassies against persecution of Christians

Publishing House

  • Distribution and sale of Christian literature
  • Books written by local and foreign authors
  • Život víry (Faith Life) monthly and its youth-oriented supplement Naplno (At the Max)


  • Establishing new organisations
  • Communication with authorities

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Krestanska misijni spolecnost
Primatorska 41
180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

phone: ++420-284 841 922, fax: ++420-284 841 923, e-mail:
Bank account: CSOB Praha 1, No. 576955803/0300
Organisation ID (IC): 539 147, tax ID (DIC): CZ 00539147

On your request, we can send you a list of our books. You can also find an overview of events we as well as other Christian organizations hold in our monthly Zivot viry. This information is in Czech only.

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